Dustin Simmonds

Being raised in Little Falls was the greatest gift my parents gave me. It allowed me to grow up around people that cared for one another, and engrained in me a strong sense of community. I have always wanted to see my city vibrant and its people happy, but unfortunately we have lacked the leadership to give our district the representation that it deserves. I'm concerned for the future of our people. We love where we are from and we have a powerful attachment to where we call home. Our collective future hangs in the balance and we need fair representation to the state to ensure our area receives the investment that reflects our contributions to this state. We know that no one gets anywhere without working for it. Our modesty causes us to ask little of others and ask greatly of ourselves. However, we are being abandoned by those in St Paul. Those that keep more for themselves, while they let our streets and bridges crumble. Elected office requires the necessity of action. I assure you I will stand steadfast for the just compensation of the work we have put in to build this state. Not more than one hundred and fifty years ago this area was a land of lawless wilderness. Today we grow the food to feed those in the big cities, but they take our paychecks to build stadiums and trains. We have achieved many great things; for example Little Falls was one of the first cities in Minnesota to have phones and power. We have always fought and worked hard for what we need. Allow me to fight and earn for you what Little Falls deserves from our state.